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The kavasam, made by Mantra gold coatings for the presiding deity, is an important part of alankaram. The vibrations of diety coming thru a gold kavasam has a multiplier effect on the vibrations of the space and to devotees, who are fully focused to receiving the vibrations. The gold on kavasam helps, the devotees eyes been glued in the direction of diety, ratherthan any other diversion in thought process. these kavasam are made by us gneraly in copper. Mantra Gold coatings, accepts orders for kavasam to be made in copper with Gold coating. Very often, our customers also get the kavasam made by artisans of their choice. Mantra gold coatings is happy accepting such orders also.

Generally speaking temples with golden kavasam for God, shall have more following and devotees. Most of the temples, infact have started adorning the Golden kavasam, every day. they have infact seen four fold increase in the devotees coming to temple in 2 to 3 years span.

Very easy to maintain. Just wipe with a soft cotton cloth.Especially electro phoretic lacquered, for handling by gurukals.Warranties available from 5 years to 40 years.